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Luxury Relaxation

What is a zome?

but really, i've never seen anything like this...

The Kodama Zomes is an entirely new embodiment of furniture. It's been described as the evolution of a hammock, it's been described as functional art. 

If we had to choose just one word for the Kodama Zome, it would be comfort. Unlike hammocks or swings, Kodama Zomes hang from a single overhead point, creating a smooth, gentle, unrestricted motion that soothes the vestibular system.

How are Zomes Made?

handcrafted in oregon

Kodama Zomes are designed and hand built in Oregon by a team of wonderful local craftspeople. All zomes come with a selection of mattresses, cushions, and pillows to suit your home. Each zome can be hung from tall trees or paired with our curved tripod stand to be used inside or outside your home. 

Luxury Relaxation
Kodama Zomes are the perfect place to relax alone or gather with friends and family. Let's Build a Zome


Customer Testimonials

We absolutely love our zome!! 

My husband has a high intensity job that involves a lot of travel. When he works from home, I now often find him conducting work calls with his wireless gadgets at hand in the zome. The calm this brings to his otherwise stressful work is priceless. It's so great that my husband, myself and my daughter can fit comfortably together in the zome, with room to spare.

-Adrienne F.

Relaxing (or playing!) in the Zome is a visceral experience. I cannot describe it, you just have to try it. My wife and I love it. Our kids love it. Our dog is not allowed on it… but she stares at it longingly. HIGHLY recommend.

Adam S.

Our boys use it as a jungle gym, a fort, and a tent — many sleepovers have happened in our zome. When guests come over and try it out, I am hard-pressed to get them out! I even advertise it on my Air BnB listing! Seriously, it's that comfortable.

This is more than just furniture, and you have to experience it to really "get" it, but it is an investment that you won't regret.

Brenda C.

We purchased a zome about a year ago, and are so glad we did. You really have to sit in a zome to understand why this thing is so amazing! Ours is suspended from two of our trees in our backyard. It is the best place to read, nap, snuggle with the family, and just relax.

At first I was worried about motion, as I am super sensitive to motion sickness. I can't even sit in a swing at the playground without feeling nauseous, never mind boating! But the motion of the zome is entirely different. It's got this cool, soothing motion and I have never felt sick in my zome. 

Joanne B.

We are all so very happy and loving this awesome piece of art in the landscape. It is the wow factor for the model house.

We commend you for a beautifully designed piece. BRAVO and KUDOS!! The installation from our build team feedback was that it was easy.

The R&D you have put into this makes this such a great piece!

Vonni, Interior Designer

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