Large Hanging Lounger Zome - discounted, used

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Product Description:

Our original, beloved Hanging Lounger Zome. Fine textured black powdercoating.

Reason for discount:

  • The webbing (the diagonal pieces) used for this zome was dyed black using the incorrect method, so overtime, the sun will fade the black webbing to a dark purple.  No loss of strength, lifespan, or safety - just a faded color of webbing. If placed indoors and out of the sun, then little fading will occur.
  • No cushion is included in this zome. To order a new set of our high quality mattress and wrap around cushions, look here. Hint: Coupon Codes from your newsletter will work for a new cushion set!
  • This zome was used for a week long event.  It has been cleaned up and is in excellent shape


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  • Rigging not included. Here is a full selection of our rigging options.